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T3 MongoChef is The Best!

After recently building an application using the MEAN stack, one of the essential tools I found I needed was a good MongoDB interface. Sure you can use the command line if you're feeling hard-core and indeed sometimes that may be all you have but in general your options boil down to either web browser or native client apps. Among those, your best options (at time of writing) are RockMongo for a browser based app. RockMongo ships with the Bitnami MEAN stack. If you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) you can create a new EC2 instance using the Bitnami MEAN AMI, which will give you a full MEAN stack server with minimal fuss. If you're looking for a native MongoDB client app you should look no further than RoboMongo and T3 MongoChef. Now, let me be absolutely clear, T3 MongoChef is overwhelmingly the better of the 2 products. As headline feature advantages over RoboMongo it has the ability to edit individual fields rather than editing the JSON of the whole document and changes can be applied to: only the current document, all documents returned by the find criteria, or all documents in the collection. As a developer this last option is key because I don't always have a 100% clear idea up-front what data I want in my document.

So, with that complete endorsement of MongoChef let me just finish by saying that while RoboMongo is entirely free for personal and commercial use, MongoChef is only free for personal use. If you have another purpose in mind, pay the money, it's well worth it.

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