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A hobby, at last

Corel Ranger Model ShipAll throughout my youth I recall, whilst tolerating kisses from aunties and grannies, being asked what my hobby was, to which I would always have to reply "err, well I don't really have a hobby". Well, as of last week I can at last declare, I have a hobby! Yes, I have taken to model ship building after being interested in and inspired by this delicate discipline for some years. On a recent trip to Simon's Town (South Africa) I had the pleasure of admiring a vessel of incredible detail and proportion which struck me with awe. The intricacy, the sheer man hours necessary to produce such a thing - it was a labour of dedication and fascination and upon returning home I immediately purchased a Corel Ranger US Revenue Cutter for my first project.

As of writing, I am 3 steps in and the hull is just starting to take shape. I continue, learning techniques, acquiring tools and exercising a steady hand. More to follow...

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