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A longtime offline

It's amazing to look back and note that my last post was Feb 2011, more than 18 months ago. Shameful. I hang my head. I can only hope that somewhere in that not-so-steel-trap mind of mine all of the events of these past months have been recorded or else they will only feature in fleeting recollections and dreams later on. I should go back, check my calendar and record them in as much colour as I can capture. But I probably won't, for the same reasons I haven't posted anything since then... I'm uninspired to write. This blog is, in a way, a barometer of my state of mind. The better things are going, the more I write. That is not to say the last 18 months have been bad, quite the contrary, there have been many bright spots and no time of life is actually bad, it's all new experience and even if it doesn't feel like it at the time, all learning. I just haven't felt like writing, haven't felt creative. So without being too thoughtful on the matter, I hope to write more. For now, this is a start.

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