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iPad: I caved, I totally caved

I'm writing this post using the WordPress app on my 2 hour old iPad. For months I've been deliberating whether or not to purchase one of these devices. The idea is massively appealing, a device with 10 hours of battery life, the thickness of an iPhone and support for all the usual apps. The iPad was launched in the UK yesterday so today I went down to the Apple store at Westfield mall for a play to see what all the fuss was about. I've had an iPhone for a couple of years so I wasn't expecting very much but I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the experience and found myself queuing not long after. I'll update this post over the next few days but so far, I'm loving the iPad!

Update 22:26: Showed it to some friends, they're sold.
Tip 1 Jun 2010: Use the Amazon Kindle reader and store. The catalog is bigger, the books are much cheaper and the reader is free and great.

Update 8 Mar 2011: I've sold my iPad to make way for an iPad 2. So long on old friend, it's been special. Amazon Marketplace ensured a sale within 90 minutes.

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