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New life springs forth

I never figured myself for a green-thumb kinda guy and my early childhood spent watching South Africa's favourite gardener, Keith Kirsten, left me with an overall impression of gardeners toiling all day in the dirt and smelling not unlike a combination of formaldehyde, mulch and whatever growing thing they happened to brush up against last. Recently, Gemma and I purchased a house together. Through all of our adventures in house buying, the one thing which became the veritable holy grail of the first home, was a layout in which the kitchen led onto the garden via a gaping large sliding door at the back of the house, welcoming the fecund scents of spring into the expectant kitchen carpel. For me, the focus was always on the house and all the beautiful things it could be filled with, but lately, with the weather so very excellent in February, or indeed by any other month's standards, the focus has shifted, to the outside. Walking around the garden the past few days has revealed things I couldn't see upon moving into the house half way through September last year. Small buds have begun to appear, grass has begun to grow, barren shrubs have regenerated from nothing, grey has turned to green, indeed everywhere I now look, new life has sprung forth from the earth where only barren soil and dead branch resided only days ago. Eager to assist our new garden in its efforts to reclaim all that was lost to it during the winter, we have purchased Primroses and planted Lily of the Valley and all types of herbs, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Mint and even some Rocket. The garden is alive and to my eyes, presently only beginning to exhale after holding its breath for so many months. I Look forward to the spring and summer with unbridled anticipation... oh if Keith could see me now.

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