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Specialized Langster ’08 London

Last week I bought myself a new bicycle. This, in and of its self, is enough to excite me, but I am especially excited because of the nature of this purchase. Pictured below is the Specialized Langster 2008 London, number 26 of only 300 made. Specialized must have realised they were on to a good thing when they came up with the idea of designing a single speed bike customised for several of the world’s major cities. To my mind, the London is far and away the best of the lot, outshining the predictably yellow New York and decidedly dull Chicago Langster’s. The bike comes with a reversible back wheel so you can ride it in freewheel or fixed gear (no coasting) mode and sports several shamelessly cheesy cool retro features like shiny all-metal handlebars and a stylised tube map on the bottom bar, enough to make those city couriers positively cringe with envy. Mwhuahuahua.

The Specialized Langster '08 London is available from Sigma Sport, 15 High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 4DA.

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