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Evita For President

Last night my good mate Frame and I went to go see Evita for President at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn.  The alter ego of Pieter Dirk Uys has been a household name, in South Africa anyway, for more than two decades and her (his) political satire is well known. This was my first live viewing of Uys in action and it was, for me, a most wonderful experience. Uys takes the stage in unassuming attire, a black undershirt and loose pants and commences his performance. Only 5 seconds in and the audience is already captivated, spellbound even, as Uys reels off line after line of well timed, current, relevant and down right funny material. He shifts effortlessly through a series of character sketches representative of South Africa old and new, punctuating each transition with a story about unfaltering optimism, joy and progress in the new South Africa. Uys is quite simply nothing short of a national treasure. Evita for President shows at the Tricycle Theatre through 1st September 2007. Highly recommended.

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