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Objects of desire

Every now and then I come across something so inspired, so cool and just so darn stylish that I can’t help but gaze blankly at it, pupils slightly dilated, sort of blushing, a bit shy… you know what I mean. Of course I have my old favourites like the Dualit Toaster, the SMEG fridge, Global knives, the Buell XB9SX and of course my egg cubes, but the following objects of desire have recently become known to me and I feel a responsibility to laud them shamelessly here as achievements of design and perfection of form. In no particular order…

Dedon Obelisk
This red dot design award winning company has created some impressively innovative pieces typical of the Scandinavian school of design, though Dedon is actually a German company. The Obelisk is a 5-part stackable table and chairs set which is a sort of Asterix and Obelix cumulative Lego-Jenga type design. I want one.
Confederate F131 Hellcat Combat
Not since the likes of Buell has a motorcycle manufacturer, heck any manufacturer, created designs so at once nostalgic and cutting edge. The Hellcat is a triumph even over it’s predecessor, the Wraith. For those able to stand it, see the website for images of their next concept, the Renovatio.
Anglepoise Giant 1227 Lamp
This is genius and simplicity in one. Take an everyday desk lamp (simple) and scale it up 3 times in size (genius, or simple, or err, nevermind). The result is an imposing lamp resembling what the PIXAR logo lamp would look like if the 3D designers were allowed to smoke pot at work. This is a must for the new house.
Eames Lounge Chair
This is really an old favourite, but a new love. The reputation of the Eames chair precedes its self. I can see myself reclined in its leathern embrace while a giant Anglepoise peers overhead.
Perfex Salt & Pepper Mills
Some things can’t be improved upon. I first came across the Perfex mill while browsing the shelves at Divertimenti, a cooking school and shop on Marylebone High Street. It was one of many, err, milling about on the shelf but for me it immediately stood out. Perfex, a family owned business, has been making this mill for over half a century in the town of Saint-Étienne, France and they've had it just right all along.
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