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My new toy – the Cannondale Sprint CAAD9 105

Last week I took another step on the road to Ironman, admittedly it was an easy one, even a pleasant one, but a step nonetheless! I have purchased for myself a Cannondale Sprint CAAD9 105 bicycle (push-bike for those in the UK).

Things sure have changed some since I had my last bicycle, almost 15 years ago as a determined teenage cyclist. I recall vividly my father shaking me vigorously at 5:00am, in the dead of winter, heck the birds weren't even tweeting yet, to get my sleepy head off the pillow and get ready for whatever race we were doing that fine Sunday morning. How I ever managed to find the motivation to cycle 80km before most of the world had even considered breakfast I'm not exactly sure, but I better find it again because as my training triathlons, Blenheim and London, draw nearer and Ironman with them, I'll need evey bit of motivation I can muster to achieve this most extreme of goals, covering 140.6 miles of water and land, an Ironman.

The Cannondale Sprint CAAD9 105 is available from On Your Bike:
52 - 54 Tooley St,
London Bridge

Update: Yay! I collected my bike on April 17th... and she is a beauty.

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