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Dualit 3 Slice Combi Polished Stainless Steel Toaster

As a thank you for all my hard efforts finding and procuring a house, my wonderful Gemma has purchased me us the finest of toasters and a long time thing of obsession, the Dualit 3 Slice Combi Polished Stainless Steel Toaster. My friend Brian purchased a toaster of the same a few years back. At the time, I couldn't quite understand why anybody would spend quite so much money to toast bread, a task which, afterall, can be accomplished by just about anything, including a candle stick lighter, but of course the Dualit toaster is iconic, I would go so far as to say important, in the way the SMEG fridge and Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair are iconic and important. It will make a perfect addition and a great start to the appliancing of our new house. Thanks Gem.

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