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Harlow 10 Mile

Last weekend I was up bright and early on Sunday morning, ready to run the Harlow 10, a 10 mile (surprisingly) race held in the town of Harlow (surprisingly), just outside of the M25 North of London. It's the first race I've done since the Edinburgh Marathon more than a year ago and I was quite excited to get back into competitive running. I've run 10
miles and more plenty of times in running but have never raced this distance and I had no idea what time to expect. Anything under 1:15 would have perfectly acceptable, but as soon as the gun went, I found myself running along at a fairly brisk pace which I was certain I could not maintain for the entire distance but I thought I'd see just how far I could push it. The course started quite tough with a few sharp hills and even some offroad before levelling out onto a nice flat tarred
section where I managed to regain some breath and keep the pace up, helped along by the everpresent sound of footsteps just behind. The race ended with a very tough section through a park with the sun now directly overhead, sapping every last bit of energy and making me very
grateful to be finished in 31st position, with an official time of 1:04:54.

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