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Cocoon, uniquely pan-Asian

London is without question one of the great culinary capitals of the world. Whatever one may attribute this fact to, broad cultural diversity, an economically empowered clientele, or perhaps just a love of food, it is an undeniable fact and one which makes for a virtually unlimited number of possible dining experiences. I say experiences because the goal is not so much to eat, as to eat on a rooftop, at dusk, surrounded by cherry blossom trees with a piano player stroking the ebony somewhere in the background.

This past weekend, Gemma and I went in search of a dining experience both new and different. Gemma had mentioned she was feelin’ Japanese, so after some searching on and much deliberation, we decided on ‘Cocoon’. One of the things I love about London is the way all good things are hidden from view. The uber-trendy, uber-groovy places are mere ordinary doorways on a street next to other entirely ordinary doorways, but behind, they expand and unfurl, quite magically, into spaces unseen and unknown. Cocoon, despite its name, is just such a place, unfurling as it does from an unassuming doorway at number 65 Regent Street to the floor above street level and extending from there fully 6 luxurious oval dining rooms in length.

Without getting too much into the specifics, Cocoon impresses from the outset. The service is prompt and friendly, but not annoyingly so. The décor is embracingly luxurious, to the point where one feels like were you to hurl yourself, headlong, at anything, you’d come away feeling like a kid in a velvet jumping castle, but most importantly, the menu and preparation of the items therein is flawless, mixing several Asian cuisines to contribute something uniquely pan-Asian to London’s culinary choices. In short, Cocoon comes highly recommended and deservedly so. You must, I insist for your own good, go there!

65 Regent Street
Tel. 08713326347

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