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Iran, is this the beginning of another war?

Last week Iran resumed its nuclear program in defiance of the wishes of, among others, the United States, Britain, France and Germany. According to Tehran, the program pursues only the peaceful aim of nuclear energy and denies any accusations there are plans afoot to develop any nuclear weapons. The suspicions of the international community are further exacerbated by comments made recently by the new president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that the state of Israel should be “wiped out”.

One should consider for a moment why a country like Iran, a former ally of the US, shouldn’t be allowed to pursue a nuclear program. President Ahmadinejad’s hate speak is objectionable in every way, but why would anybody use a nuclear weapon on ground held most holy to several faiths, including Islam? Even if Iran had an A-bomb, the case for actually using it quickly dissipates when the aftermath is considered. It is also somewhat hypocritical that the country who feels they are one of the very few who have the right to have nuclear weapons, the United States, is also the only country to ever use such a weapon in anger. Why should Iran be bullied by the so-called superpowers? Surely they have a right to pursue peaceful objectives and reap the benefits of cheap nuclear power, if indeed that is the case. If there is any doubt, Iran is subject to random inspections by the UN’s nuclear watchdog, so by all means, inspect!

My initial impression of these developments raises some alarm bells. It smacks, quite strongly, of pretext for war. Let’s consider for a moment the main purported reason for the US going to war in Iraq was those illusive WMD’s. The fact that they were never found is irrelevant, what matters is the pretext, the pretext for war. I guess it also helped that Iraq was a major oil producer and not to draw too obvious a parallel, but isn’t Iran also? Seems to this writer there is an ever stronger case to be made that plans are afoot to topple yet another undesirable regime and reap similar ill-gotten gains.

We in Britain can only hope that this government is not so easily taken in again and will, for a change, stand for what is right and fair.

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