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Cape Town, there’s no place like home

After almost a full year away from home, the time came at very long last to make the journey back to Cape Town for the annual familial tradition of Christmas time merry making. I look forward to it with a certain sense of nostalgia each year as the experience of seeing old friends and family, celebrating the years most holy day and edging ever closer to the ushering in of a new year culminates. Yet, there is also a sense of impending excitement as all my hopes for the time spent there tend inexorably toward their fulfilment.

So it was that I set off on December 22nd, half dead and dying from a severe bout of influenza, en route home for the season. After an awful flight where I could actually feel exactly the location of my entire sinus tract in my skull upon landing, I arrived and went directly to my GP, who prescribed rest and anti-biotics. Three days and around 54 hours of sleep later, I emerged to commence the vacation in earnest. Christmas day was spent at my dear sister’s house and Paul’s Christmas turkey was, as expected, perfectly prepared for the second year running. Large helpings of Christmas pudding and tryptophan (found in dark Turkey meat) saw the day end early enough to prevent any idle stargazing.

The rest of the vacation was, as expected, the realisation of all expectations. My father and I played a round of golf on Boxing Day at our home course Westlake and despite the near gale-force conditions, managed 2nd in the competition. Lunch the next day in Kalk Bay preceded a very choice session at the Mount Nelson champagne bar which then lead into an excellent night at the Camps Bay hotspot, Ignite (formerly Eclipse). A day was spent at Paul’s wine farm, Oudekloof, swimming, tanning and generally taking it real easy. In the remaining days, brunch at Balduccis, lunch in Blouberg, dinner at the Millers Thumb, a beach party and a very fine home made potjie by recently engaged-to-be-married and all round great mate Joey, collectively served to make the last three days truly memorable.

Cape Town never fails to impress and every year I see it being dragged, more or less willingly, into the international limelight, a fact evidenced by the price of, well, everything. Yet it still maintains its small town charm and intimate sub-culture. For my own part, as long as there are still some good friends, mountains, beaches and a sense of belonging, there will always be no place like home. Now if only I could get there by clicking my heels three times :~)

If you haven't already been to Cape Town... GO!

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