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The birthday of Laura H, aged 30

Over the weekend of November 18th 2005, 30 people made the journey to Chelwood House in Somerset to celebrate the 30th birthday of Laura H. A 30th is probably the biggest birthday one will have in ones life. It is in many ways a milestone. Some will dread it, others will embrace it and with much credit to Laura, not only for bringing together 30 close friends, it was embraced in full.

Laura (g/f) and I headed up on my motorbike from London on Friday evening in quite literally sub-zero temperatures. Two and a half chilly hours later we were thawing while relishing an excellent Shepherds Pie, prepared by the birthday girl herself. Saturday we managed a round of golf at a course near Bristol Airport, so near in fact that I had my first experience of putting while an EasyJet landed on an adjacent runway, a true test of one’s putting mettle.

Saturday night came and the scene was set for a proper 30th party. The caterers arrived at 7:30 accompanied by an entire spit roasted lamb. Meanwhile, all partygoers had donned their fancy dress kit for the night, the theme, quite appropriately since the birthday girl had recently acquired here British passport, was “Quintessentially British”. Think “The Queen”, “James Bond”, “Harry Potter”, “Templar Knight” etc. True to form, I had waited way too long to organise my
costume and was most impressed and probably even more relieved to receive it on Saturday morning from,
less than 18 hours after the order was placed. Details from there are a little hazy, but suffice to say, waking at noon the next day left my head feeling like a swarm of locusts of biblical proportions were rushing through my cranium.

Laura and I took a chilled ride home, stopping briefly at Stonehenge and later to relieve our hangover symptoms at a Little Chef somewhere along the M4. Amazing what medicinal qualities ‘frying’ can release in food.

In all, it was one of the finest birthdays I’ve ever been to and a rare opportunity to bring so much familiarity together. Well done Laura and Happy Birthday.

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