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Ann Coulter – Ms. Right [wing nut job]

The statistics prove it, most people simply don’t care about politics. As long as elections are free and fair, the general populace is largely mute and indifferent. I think I fall into this category of person, content to let the politicians squabble it out all they like as long as the boundaries aren’t overstepped. Recently however, I came across somebody so objectionable, it matters not that they reside on the other side of the pond, something must be said. I will not stay mute, the boundaries have been overstepped!

This person is Ann Coulter, a right wing nut job of the most fundamentalist kind, an extremist-conservative of dangerously inflammatory proportions. She is quoted most famously, or perhaps infamously, shortly after 9/11 as saying “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”. The more I think about this, the degree to which I find this objectionable becomes more and more acute. My immediate reaction, apart from that of revulsion, was to ask how somebody with such Christian-centric, American-centric fundamentalist viewpoints can be allowed a forum? But we must respect everybody’s right to free speech, despite our personal viewpoints. It seems, furthermore, that Coulter has a following and quite a large one at that. Her books are best sellers and she even made the cover of Time Magazine (Ms. Right, April 25, 2005). It seems to me, the very fact that somebody like this is embraced, let alone indulged or even tolerated is an indictment on the US conservative right. I am careful to cite ‘conservative’ here; Coulter is despised by the liberal left as a new-age Nazi and we all know from the last elections, the US is split almost evenly in twain, politically speaking. Of course I am also generalising here, Coulter's viewpoints are likely not shared by the majority of conservatives, but it really only takes a few bad apples.

Coulter may be certifiable, but her commentary begs some obvious questions. Could it be that conservative North America actually believes in these viewpoints? If so, is this the national sentiment that fuels US modern imperialism? Might it be this kind of popular opinion we can hold responsible for 9/11 in the first place? Or is it more because the US army goes around writing stuff like “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” on its tank turrets?
Like it or not, for better or worse, we are all affected by US policy, foreign and domestic. We can only hope the hicks and rednecks are outnumbered next time by the other half who did actually finish high school.

A collection of Coulter's more, erm, controversial quotes, can be found here.

Update 12/01/2006: OMG, I think I might just die of laughter, see:

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