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Happy 1st Birthday

I can scarcely believe it, but it’s true, turned 1 year old today. I originally started this blog with a view to documenting life as it goes by. My memory retention is questionable at the best of times, just ask my girlfriend, and I was never any good at keeping a dear diary, so this blog was born to record all those good days that otherwise would have gone by forgotten. My only regret is that I didn’t start it earlier, but I guess, as the saying goes, better late than never.

During the past year, I have posted fully 75 entries and 12 photo galleries. Upon reflection, I never thought so much could be accomplished in a single year. I’ve travelled to Budapest, Paris, Flims, Edinburgh, Cape Town, Vancouver, Amsterdam and the Lake District, read at least 15 books, seen many movies and plays, ran a marathon, bought two motorbikes (a Vespa and a BMW), taken a lot of pictures, eaten at many of London’s finest restaurants and changed jobs, fortunately only once. Most importantly though, running this blog has ushered in a period of unprecedented personal growth in a way I never expected. Merely having this blog has prompted me increasingly to seek out adventure and new experience so that I may write about it later.

Unlike so many other blogs on the web, this is a ‘lifeblog’. The intention was never to focus on any one thing, but rather to document day-to-day life and provide an outlet for creativity in whatever form it chose to manifest its self. To that end, I think this blog has been a success. During the past year, I’ve also received a lot of good feedback (not just from my mum) and even found old friends again, some who stumbled across this site accidentally; others who arrived by word of mouth, but however they got here, it was good to hear from them again and singularly enough to make this site worthwhile. I look excitedly forward to another year.

Happy Birthday!

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