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Buell v. BMW… and the winner is…

Ok ok, so I know the last few blog entries have been all about bikes, but this one is entirely called for. After severe agonising and deep deliberation the likes of which cardinals electing a new pontiff would have been proud, I have finally made a decision on exactly what bike to buy… and the winner is, wait for it, waaaait for it, the BMW R1200GS, just the like the one you see pictured on the left side here, complete with heated grips, ABS brakes and of course, a top box.

After trying out both the Buell Lightning XB9SX and the BMW R1200GS, there was just no denying the fact that the BMW just plain made more sense. Let’s face it, the Buell gets the blood pumping, hard, but you really can’t take it anywhere, or with anybody for that matter. The BMW on the other hand gets the blood pumping, but not to the point where veins start to pop out of your forehead. As a friend of mine once put it, “it’ll blow your hair back, but it won’t take your rug off”, this is fine by me… and my mum!

Let the touring begin!

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