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Chutney Mary, Indian food at it’s finest

After having eyed out the facade of this well known fine dining Indian restaurant in London’s famous Chelsea for many months, Laura and I decided to venture out on Saturday night to see if all those nicely dressed people were really just an expensive a rent-a-crowd, or actual patrons of very fine Indian food. I made a booking for 7:15PM and we arrived on time to find things were just, no pun intended, hotting up around there. Chutney Mary exudes opulence from the moment you enter the plush entrance room attended by a hostess, a maitre d and a cloakroom attendant who make about as much fuss attending to your arrival as they might for the arrival of the maharajah, just dismounting his elephant. Our hostess lead us downstairs into the even more luxurious main restaurant with a charming old style colonial cum modern day Indian ambience. The perimeter of the room is filled with huge windlights and photographs of the old days of the empire, depicting such scenes as British lords on safari in India, hunting Bengal tigers on elephant back. The overall effect is charming and grand and bestows upon the place a sense of largesse. It also no doubt goes down well with the older crowd who probably frequent the place just to savour the masala-laden vapours of days gone by. After some drinks order attendance by the waitress, we settled down to choosing some wine from the very well rounded wine list, opting for, at last, a Stonier Merlot (Australian) of, as much as I hate to say it, excellent proportions. Starters followed swiftly after and it is at this time that any patron, mentally challenged, blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged should realise Chutney Mary is no corner curry shop with a wicked vindaloo. I had grilled prawns skewered on asparagus spears while Laura has an excellent mushroom and goat’s cheese, erm, experience. The mains were equally impressive. I elected for the masala lamb shank accompanied by a vegetable dish, the name of which now escapes me, consisting of spinach, corn, peas and no doubt several other things I failed to identify. Laura opted for the lamb cutlets that were plain perfection. Apart from the food, the service was prompt, professional and personal. On the whole, Chutney Mary was a dining experience to be remembered and repeated whenever possible, highly recommended.

Chutney Mary
535 Kings Road

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7351 3113

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