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iPod Mini 4Gb

I finally did it! Well, actually Laura H and I did it! Wondering down Tottenham Court road this past Saturday afternoon, chomping at the bit to spend some cash on a shopping spree which has thus far failed to materialise we passed one of those little tech stores with a very unassuming facade other than a board outside which said something to the effect of "Amazing prices on iPod mini's". Far be it from me to get caught up in sales hype (working at an online casino does that to you), but I figured what the hey, let's see what they're offering. We wondered in and the sales guy informed us they were letting them go for a mere £140, startling when you consider the price the first hit the high street stores at was a ridiculous £230! A few moments later, we had both bagged a pod in his and hers colours, blue for me and pink for Laura. Score! If you're in the market for a mini, now is a good time to buy the 4Gb model. Apple recently announced the launch of a new 6Gb model, with 18-hour battery life, as opposed to the 4Gb 12 hours; so pretty much any vendor will be dropping their prices soon, if they haven't already. The new model comes in around £170. The way I see it is, these things are disposable. Whatever you buy, whenever you buy, it will without question be obsolete in a few months and if it isn't, you'll still be longing for the latest and greatest kit. This is an essential survival item for the London urbanite. You can buy an iPod mini from for (at the time of writing) £139.00

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