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Cafe Rialto, Ristorante Italiano

Last night, after my lovely girlfriend Laura finally got back from Australia after a month, we decided to go find some dinner, someplace local, someplace quaint, someplace reasonably priced and more to the point, someplace we hadn't been before. After walking for about 10 minutes, which is about all that one can stand in the type of cold that can whittle a tan off an outback sheer shearer quicker than you can say f-f-f-fffrozen, we came across a local, quaint, reasonably priced little ristorante we hadn't been to before called Cafe Rialto. The menu at the door looked good and there were a few tables full of what looked like locals, always a good sign, so we decide to give it a try. The menu is a line-up of all the usual Italian suspects. I got pan-fried chicken livers with rocket for starters, Laura got a classic tomato, avocado, olive and buffalo mozzarella starter, both of which were perfect. Mains followed shortly after on plates so large, it was obvious most diners were guilty of 'eyes bigger than tummy' syndrome. I got an excellent grilled salmon fillet served with tagliatelli in a yoghurt, avocado, garlic and tarragon sauce, while Laura got an equally impressive and tasty cod on green beans main, both of which went perfectly with a bottle of stock standard Chianti. The service was prompt and the food was excellent. There are probably several hundred little Italian restaurants across London that never fail to impress the intrepid diner, but Cafe Rialto is the one we chose last night and much to our delight, it was a complete winner.

825 Fulham Rd

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