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London snows!

At last, the white stuff finally hit London last night and hit it en masse. Being South African, the novelty of snow hasn't yet given way to chilled grumpy indifference and I took to Hampstead Heath like an 8 year old on 2 cans of Coca cola, brandishing camera, tripod, filters and lenses for a mini night time snow photo exposè. After 20 minutes in the open, I returned home, mildly disgruntled for being denied the opportunity of recording the first snow of the winter and with a near case of frostbite on several fingertips. The experience was well worth it though as I spotted some of the local foxes... erm, of the animal type, out on the heath, relishing the opportunity to make little fox snow angels no doubt. I did get some semi-interesting night shots but they looked more like I had the sepia filter on due to an 8 second exposure time. Snow presents an interesting challenge for the photographic amateur as the camera is rarely able to auto focus due to all the whiteness... something about not being able to see the wood for the trees springs to mind here. Fortunately upon waking at 5:30AM, a tentative peer out the window revealed my best hopes had not been in vain as the white stuff continued to fall in gusts and flurries all over the heath. I quickly hauled my trusty Timberlands on and headed out, this time returning with all fingers in working order, a good array of shots and a sense of guilt as several determined runners passed me in full winter running kit, teeth into the wind with grim determination. Something about snow makes the world look perfect, like looking out of the window of an airplane, all is made clean as if by a giant tip-ex pen and only the lattice of importance remains. Let it snow!

UPDATE 24/02/2005: Still snowing... and expected to continue!
UPDATE 04/03/2005: ...still going.

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