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Love in the Time of Cholera ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Some time ago I attempted to read 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' (by the same author) and found it the most boring and tedious of reads in the way Salman Rushdie is boring and tedious. Sure, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a literary genius and his writing style (subject of course to that of the translator) is unquestionably lyrically precise and imaginative but any writer can wax lyrical about anything for 300 pages and not manage for an instant to gain and hold the attention of the reader. Love in the Time of Cholera is just such a read. I decided to give Mr. Marquez another try after this book was vehemently recommended by two of my most respected friends and I resolved to read it to completion before passing judgement. Having this day completed the book, I can safely say it was agony most of the way through. The book leads the reader through a 60 year duration storyline of love and love making in the time of, erm, cholera. It holds ones attention only fleetingly at certain points when it appears things might finally get going. Perhaps I am a ruffian, perhaps I know nothing about writing, perhaps this book is as quaint and charming as it presumes to be, then again perhaps not. More likely, perhaps it's just not everybody's cuppa and I know at least for my own part, this is probably the last Gabriel Garcia Marquez book I will manage the patience to complete. Love in the Time of Cholera can be purchased from, should you feel the urge to find out for yourself what the fuss, or lack thereof, is all about.

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