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Wing Night at the Maple Leaf

"Wing Night", is something of an institution amongst Canadians in this town. Held every Monday night at the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden, the evenings festivities consist mostly of, well, chicken wings and of course beer (otherwise commonly known amongst patriotic Canadians as 'sweet nectar') by the pitcher. Wings come in four flavours, Honey Mustard, Sweet & Sour, BBQ and HOT, so hot in fact, that according to the waitress, it makes her eyes water just carrying the former flight equipment to the table, of course we had to get some of those. Fortunately, or unfortunately, on this particular night, the HOT wasn't so hot and in any case, the flames would have been doused by the arrival of yet another pitcher of beer, oops i mean sweet nectar, at the table. Sitting there, I began to wonder exactly how long this could go on for, I mean, how many wings can there possibly be left in the world with stories of 500 wings consumed in a single night by 5 ravenous guys? Surely this carnage cannot go on. Surely, this begs the question, why not turkey wings, or ostrich wings for that matter? Maybe one day, somebody will breed a double-size chicken with 6 wings and this fabulous bird will do for wing night what the pepperdew did for pizza. Overall, wing night rocked and the Maple Leaf, as I discovered, was not full of Canadians only, but Australians, Brits, yanks and South African's (of course) alike. Not the most low-cal of nights but then again, hey who's counting?

The Maple Leaf
41 Maiden Lane

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