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Losing Louis by Simon Mendes de Costa

This past Friday (28 January 2005), Laura and I went to the Hampstead Theatre (in Swiss Cottage) to attend a performance of Losing Louis, a "touching new comedy" by Simon Mendes de Costa. Always a little leary of anything that combines drama and comedy, I was a little sceptical about this piece having any raucous entertainment value, but in the interests of broadening one's cultural horisons, I thought it best to give this star-studded cast, including the likes of Lynda Bellingham, Anita Briem and Alison Steadman the benefit of the doubt. Some two and a half hours later, we left there, grinning, after an excellent performance by the entire cast with a notably brilliant performance by Alison Steadman doing more for the "comedy" part of the show than the combined efforts of the rest of the cast did for the "touching" part. Losing Louis runs until the 19th of February 2005 at the Hampstead Theatre. Highly recommended.

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