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Chelsea Bun

MMMMmmmmmm, the Chelsea Bun, cheesy puns aside, the Chelsea Bun is just about the most impressive hangover-cure breakfast spot in London, to my knowledge thus far anyways. This morning, Laura and I, waking with respectively sore heads, moseyed on over to the Chelsea Bun restaurant in, believe it or not, Chelsea. The place was abuzz and we did well to avoid what was either the late breakfast crowd, or the early lunch crowd by arriving somewhere around noon. A quick survey of the menu confirmed my expectations, those being, the Chelsea Bun is a kind of gournet greasy spoon, serving honest to goodness soul-pleasing food which sends one back the following weekend, probably having purposefully sought out a hangover just for the mere pleasure of having a legitimate excuse for yet another trip to the beloved Chelsea Bun. This morning, I had the decadent good fortune to breakfast on the "The Ultimate Breakfast", consisting of no less than all of the following: French toast, pancakes, maple syrup, clotted cream, a sausage, hash browns, a beef burger, 3 eggs, rashers of bacon and grilled mushrooms. Oh what a feast, what a feast, I shall not forget it soon.

Chelsea Bun
9a Lamont Road
SW10 0HP

Phone: 020 7352 3635

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