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The Admiralty

This past Friday, Laura and I went to dinner at The Admiralty to celebrate our 4 month anniversary. I'd heard good things about this restaurant located in the former naval intelligence building, Somerset House. The decor is very elegant and the rooms all have that feel of British largesse so common of buildings at the time. The restaurant is divided into 3 dining rooms, the Main restaurant, the Orange or Terra-Cotta room and the Green room. We had the good fortune to be seated in the Orange room directly below the taxidermied full size wall-mounted crocodile (pictured). Apart from the classic and interesting decor, the service is prompt and professional and the food is quite excellent. For starters I had the terrine of cured salmon, cucumber, dill and fromage blanc on beetroot puree, while Laura had the roasted scallops and artichokes with barigoule sauce. I have only one criticism of the night's three courses, the main course was positively minute. Feeling in the mood for red meat, I chose the fillet steak medallion on a bed of mash while Laura ordered the fish on a bed of spinach and mash. What we got was quite literally, a medallion of beef, roughly the circumference of a shot glass and some minnows on a bed of mash the size of which would have offended Goldilocks enough to send her running back into the forest, even before the three bears got home. I had a brief chat with the manager afterwards and expressed my disappointment at the paltry mains. Sadly, I don't think he cared at all and offered the perfunctory apology of a well trained customer services employee. Still, overall it was a good dining experience, made all the more joyous by a bottle of Bollinger followed closely by a bottle of Glen Carlou Pinot Noir.

You can read more about The Admiralty here.

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