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Back to school

Yes, it is true, I proudly proclaim it, I am going back to school to do something equivalent to an 'A' level in mathematics. Why? Well, a combination of reasons really. Thinking back to my university days, I was not the most dilligent of students and when those first two stats/maths courses came along, I could be said they were not the most enjoyable times spent at university. Instead, most lectures I elected to spend the time in the student cafeteria, practicing, nay, finely tuning, my pool skills peppered with the odd game of cards and pinball. I used to be very good at pool! Nevertheless, something must have rubbed off during the lectures I did attend and indeed during my school mathematics classes, because upon attending my first lesson this past Monday (17 January 2005), I found the material to be an old familiar and I thought how the South African education system was never that bad, despite being sent to the most academically orientated of co-ed schools, Westerford High School. But, I digress, this maths course is intended to lead into some more advanced mathematics and statistics courses, upon completion of which I will be learning all about Derivatives and other hedge funds used by banking institutions. The course is offered by Birkbeck, University of London and takes place every Tuesday night. more information can be found here The prescribed textbook is Core Maths for 'A' Level ~ L. Bostock, S. Chandler. Recommended background reading for this course and others available are Countdown to Mathematics: Volume 1 and Countdown to Mathematics: Volume 2

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