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Chicken and leek pie with pork sausage meatballs

This past Saturday, Laura and I, in a bid to stem the tide of excessive dinner nights out, decided to cook in and turned to one of my favourite cook books (Jamie's dinners) for some dinner time inspiration. There's a handy 'Top 10' section in the front of the book which lists some classic favourites, all of which are nice and hearty and easy to make. One such dish was this pie recipe, which having now gone through the process of actually making and consuming (somewhat greedily i might add), I feel qualified to say unequivocally that it was one of the most gratifying dining experiences of the year thus far... and there has been some dining! As we took that puff pastry topped thing of beauty out of the oven some 35 minutes after excitedly putting it in, we were filled not only with the light-headed dizziness of the most brilliant aromas, but also with a welling sense of pride as we gazed upon the sheer perfection that was our chicken and leek pie. Sadly, this is not my recipe so I can't readily divulge all the ingredient and preperation details, but I hope one of these days to post a recipe of my own here for a homely moorish kind of thing of my own invention and devices. Until then, bring it on, this winter I am pie-smitten!

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