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Book: Cocaine Nights ~ J.G.Ballard

I purchased this book in the W.H. Smith at Heathrow Terminal 3 before departing London to vacation in Cape Town this past December. I needed something to read which was almost certainly going to be exciting and maybe a bit borderline, perhaps in the way Bret Easton Ellis is borderline. Not being keen to purchase something as overtly pulp as a Wilbur Smith or Michael Crichton novel, I elected for the book with the nicest shinyest cover, which happened to be this good looking paperback in full silver jacket, very eye catching when reflecting into one's eyes the light of the ceiling mounted spots. In any case, in case the reader is not aware, J.G Ballard is the same author who penned 'Empire of the Sun'. This fact alone held some sway over the buying decision and I finally relented and judged the book by it's cover and author namesake. The book reads like a strongman pulling a truck, slow at first, but steadily gaining momentum concluding in a not exactly earth shattering finish. Nonetheless it is a good read, well written and well punctuated with interesting ideas. Upon conclusion the reader is left with a satisfied but mildly confused sensation as the ultimate unfolding of the plot introduces concepts which make one wonder exactly how twisted J.G Ballard really is. You can buy Cocaine Nights off

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