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The Da Vinci Code ~ Dan Brown

Seems like every time i get on a tube, somebody, or more like everybody actually, is reading this book. Despite my best efforts to avoid having to read this book for that very reason, it has now reached the point where is is in fact required social reading, if for no other reason than mere arbitrary drunken party conversation making. Worse still, I knew it was exactly the kind of book that keeps you turning the pages and cursing yourself silently for enjoying it thoroughly each time you pick it up, which is not many times (due to the impossibility of putting it down in the first place). One of the quotes on the back goes something along the lines of "Just about every chapter is a clifffhanger" and it's a truism to be sure. From the moment the book starts, you find yourself deeply intrigued by this most unashamed hollywood pulp. The book reads like a movie and begs to be made into one, something I am told is already on the cards, with Tom Hanks in the lead role of Robert Langdon. Really, surely there are several other eminent actors of our time far more equal to the task. Be that as it may, and as aforementioned, despite my loathing of this type of fiction, I still have to give it a double thumbs it. This book is well written, thoroughly researched and highly entertaining, if it has not yet found a place in your personal library, it soon should. Buy it from here.

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