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Spur, “a taste for life”… or “take me there” or somethin’

Yes, the rumours are true, the silent invasion has begun and as I write this post there are now fully four Spur's across the UK, one in Ireland and a further three in and around London, they even have one in Staines (of Ali G fame). Intent on proving the authenticity of these rumours and to sample first hand the joys of a Spur meal away from home (believe it or not, like Nandos, the craving speaks), my good mate Clive and I decided to venture forth and check out our local Spur. Two train rides and one long (cold) walk later, we found ourselves at some mall in Wandsworth, riding an escalator towards the well known indian symbol and cheesy decor, we had arrived! Right away we got our menus, the familiar wooden ones with all the usual choices, and made ready to tuck our teeth into some original Spur fare. After much deliberation and possible multiple cases of 'eyes bigger than tummy' syndrome, we eventually settled on a rib starter each, followed by a hunger buster burger with fries and that oh-so-good BBQ sauce and white Salad sauce, oh and two Windhoek's, oh and a bottle of Obikwa Pinotage, which I can safely say is just about that roughest red I've had the displeasure of consuming in some time, nevertheless, if you are looking for something quick and dirty to make for a fun night (and possibly a not so fun morning), this is definately the stuff. The rib starters were excellent, exactly as I remember them, nicely grilled, crispy round the edges, fully meaty and begging to be torn from the bone by bare teeth. Moving onto the more civilised business of burgers, I have to say I was a little disappointed here. I have for the longest time been a fan of the hunger buster burger but these ones, Clive and I concur, just do not meet the grade. They were definately overgrilled to the point of being, well, hard as brick around the edges mellowing in texture to roughly hard as nails around the middle. Nonetheless the sauces came to the rescue and along with the fries (onion and potato) the meal on the whole was most gratifying and a success for the local Spur. Upon finishing the last of his burger, Clive exclaimed, "#$%&* I'm stuffed", to which I replied, "You can't quit now mate, we haven't even had our log cabin waffles yet", which sure enough and true to form were to be found on the desert menu's we received some minutes later. The waffles, while not strictly 'log cabin' were darn fine, with a kind of butterscotch syrup on top it was a refreshing change from the usual maple syrup... not that there's anything wrong with maple syrup, gulp (in case an Canadians are reading this). We left the Spur, fully gratified, wholly stuffed, fairly tipsy and something in the region of £50 lighter, a fair price for fine home cooking, yeeha!

Click here to check out the Spur website

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