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Canon EOS 300D Digital SLR Camera

For the longest time I have wated a digital camera which was actually capable of taking decent pics (ok, that may have something to do with the photographer too). I did a lot of research, chatted to some friends in the know and eventually settled on the Canon EOS 300D, a fine piece of work and a great beginner SLR camera. Having unpacked it and looked at the manual for some time, I have realised this SLR thing is going to require some additional effort to master, it's not all that straight forward but I am certain the rewards will be there once the functions of this brilliant piece of kit are mastered. There are of course other digital SLR's on the market perhaps, ok definately, better than the 300D, such as the Canon 10D and more recent Canon 20D as well as the Nikon D70, but at the end of the day it's a cost benefit analysis, a basic application of the 80/20 principal and that tells me all those extra features on more "proper" kit will be lost on a newbie such as myself, a beginner to be sure, perhaps in a year or so this camera will find its self on eBay waiting to find a welcome home with another newbie. Apart from the great list of features this camera comes with, Canon is also promoting it quite heavily at the moment by offering a £100 rebate and a free 256Mb compact flash card, which should arrive any day now. You can buy this camera off, at the lowest price I could find, of £596.96.

Technical specs on the Canon 300D are available on the website.

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