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Glen Carlou Pinot Noir 2003 & Chardonnay 2001

Oh what a pair, what a pair! Ever since my father came home from a good day of Golf, arms laden with prizes, not the least impressive of which was a giant 1.5L bottle of Glen Carlou Pinot Noir 2000, I have been a lover of this excellent wine from the Paarl region in the Cape Province of South Africa. I've actually driven past the winery a few times on Sundays, a very unassuming back road in the tappestry of farmland roads in the Paarl region. Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, they truly do take things real slow over there and there was not a sole in sight nor any access to the estate. Oh well, "another day", I would console myself, determined to make it out there on a Saturday but never actually finding or making the time in the end and now too late she cried, at least until 3 weeks hence when I will once again be jetting back home with a feeling of complete joy and sheer glee at the wide array of delights that await me, simple things like the scent of the ocean in the air, pine in the forest, hops brewing (from S.A.B, the world's second largest brewery since the acquisition of the Miller breweries USA) and my grandma's boozy trifle at Christmas time. In any case, I digress, this post is about the wine, and this is a fine pair of wines to be sure. I love my Chardonnay's buttery and wooded and the Glen Carlou chardonnay is just such a chardonnay, it didn't so much as fit the mould for chardonnay's as define it, in my mind and on my palette anyways. The pinot noir is equally definitive, with a light colour and aroma, but with a far more robust feel on the tongue, this one is for pinot noir lovers of the best type. My only anecdote to this magnificant bottle is that of being at a friends house for his birthday in Queens Park, London. This friend happens to have a very eclectic mix of friends, one of which was a German man of middle age. Upon hearing he would like a glass of red if  there was any abound, I gladly offered up a glass of the bottle I brought along, one Glen Carlou Pinot Noir 2000 as it happens. I poured him a generous glass and recorked the bottle. 30 minutes later, upon returning to pour myself a glass having dispensed with the customary amount of punch, I found the bottle carefully stashed behind the bin in the kitchen, partially hidden, but not to the point of being deceitful, merely sheepishly shoved behind some beer bottles. Not having noticed anybody else drinking red, I did a quick survey of the garden to seek out my new German friend, or fiend as the case may be, spotting him not far off, cradling the last of the contents of that bottle and relishing each sip. I just smiled at him and he at I, he had no choice really, it's simply too delcicous to resist.

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