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Movie: Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason

As if the book wasn't enough of an insult to intelligent people everywhere, they had to make a movie which took marketing oppoortunities to another level all together, then again, Rene probably charged them so much for those extra 20kg's they had to make money somewhere. From the Paul Smith jumper on the gay guy to the gratuitously overburdened soundtrack, it is clear the producers wanted to make money off this flick and make it in giant bloody fistfulls. The storyline follows that of the book very approximately with some fairly fundamental differences here and there but the gist of the story is much the same, once again, loads of cigarettes, calories and alcohol units and in the end the story amounts to nothing more than an overly hyped and hopelessly inadequate movie which is but a shadow of the first film. If nothing else, it will assist greatly in fuelling the fire of the battle of the sexes as women everywhere take queues from Bridget's neuroses and men everywhere groan and sigh in agony at the thought of dealing with yet another Bridget Jones incarnate. Hardly worthy of the 90 minutes in the dark even with an Orange subscriber mate on a Wednesday.

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