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Go Nocturnal – the Nike Run London 10km Night Race

The Nike Run London 10Km (thats about 6.2 miles for those dinosaurs still on the imperial system) race took place last night (Sunday November 28th 2004) in decidedly chilly conditions (circa 5º by my best estimate). 30,000 very yellow-clad psycho's, erm, i mean runners, lined up to run the course starting at Surray Quays Shopping Centre, round the bend past Rotherhithe and then on to a bit of a pretsel over and around Tower Bridge then back towards Southwark for the finish (see map). Having never raced over more than a mere 5Km, I was still looking for a reasonably good time, around 35 - 40 minutes, but knew people traffic was going to hold me up quite a bit, at least in the beginning. Starting in the second of 5 waves (6,000 runners in each) I figured on being able to make steady progress through the hordes as long as i got into a resonably good starting position near the front of my wave, unfortunately, there were about 3000 more dilligent people who braved the freezing cold far longer than I to secure a position nearer the front. Despite this little hickup, it was still a great run and I managed to make very good progress by narrowly missing spectators on the sidewalks to get past the initial masses and out onto the more open sections of the course. The website says my finishing position is 134 in a time of 37 minutes and 27 seconds. Thanks to my lurvely girlfriend Laura for being a big help and fantastic support on the day.

UPDATE: The website has released the finishing line footage, watch it here. Note: Windows Media Player is required.

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