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Book: Shogun ~ James Clavell

This book is a total winner. First recommended to me by my housemate Mark, I thought i'd give it a go despite the tube incompatible 1200 pages of sheer literary girth. From the get-go this is a gripping read and over the course of the next 1199 pages, the reader is at no time at a loss as to the storyline or indeed when one shall again find time to read the next chapter. Truth is, this is a true page-turner, you make time. I found myself sneaking out of the office during lunchtime, ostensibly to do something important only to find myself in a corner in Starbucks with a full grande skinny cappuccino, cold with neglect and I weeping with delight as I poured over the remaining pages, consuming them like a Xerox copy machine and almost as fast. The storyline is long, complex and intensely interesting, letting up only for a moment here and there to let the reader take a well deserved break. The story follows approximately the sequence of events as experienced through the eyes of an English sailor, John Blackthorne, from the time he and his crew are stranded somewhere on the northern islands of Japan. War, peace, deception, love and hate, it's got it all in epic proportions. This one goes on the top 10 all time favourites. Buy it from here.

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