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Book: Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason ~ Helen Fielding

Let's face it, this is to books what chic-flicks are to movies, but hey, I needed something to read on the Eurostar from London to Paris a few weeks back and grabbed the first thing that looked recognisable on the W.H.Smith shelves. In retrospect there were several other better options, but I thought, oh well what the hey, i'll get Bridget only because of that one scene in the first movie when Mark Darcy and Daniel Clever get into a fight in the street and the gay guy runs into the Greek (i think) restaurant and says, in the way only a gay man can say, "Fight, FIGHT", you know the scene. Anyways, it's a quick read, but only because it totally lacks substance and intrigue. Whoever said all those nice things on the back cover of the book (who knows, the Times, Cosmo etc.) must be personal friends of Helen Fielding. Not only is the storyline frustratingly predictable, but also a practical replica of the original storyline, loads of calories, loads of drinks and loads of cigarettes. In short, don't worry yourself about purchasing a copy, you can have mine.

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