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Domaine Bouchard Pere & Fils – Beaune Clos de la Mousse 2000

These fine bottles of pure Bordeaux brilliance are at this very moment resting comfortably in my flat in London, awaiting a discerning wine drinker to bask in their ruby hues. Laura (my lurvely girlfriend) and I spent a weekend in Paris (5 - 7 November) and had dinner one evening at a fine restaurant called Le Train Bleu ( from what I can gather, one of Paris' older and more well established restaurants... and with good reason. This second-empire styled venue with very ornate frescos is housed in Paris' Gare de Lyon train station. They specialise in traditional French cuisine, if you're looking for anything cutting edge, you won't find it here... but I can vouch for the fact that they are generous in the extreme on their portions and apart from a small incident actually entering the building, namely, the door being locked, it was one of the finer dining experiences i've had thus far. After finishing off a bottle of Pommery champagne, we asked the waiter, who was very helpful by all accounts, to recommend a wine to compliment our main course, he flipped directly to the desired page and pointed, we agreed and moments later it was uncorked and being tasted. Clearly, no further explanation is required, it was pure excellence, hence the 6 bottles (oops, is it only 5 now?) sitting in my flat.

You can purchase this wine (minumum order of 6) from

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