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New 2005 Calendar

I thought this day would never come, but here it is, finally. After 10 years of calendar free life organisation (and I use the word 'organisation' in the loosest of ways), I have purchased a calendar and have every intention of actually writing stuff in it! Yup, this sucker has a page for every day of the year, a tube map, some notes pages and even a list of public holidays. Never again will I have to ask, excuse me, how many days does April have... no sniggers please from those of you out there who know how many days April has because I know now too... even if I do have to look in my new Diary, take that! The giant colourful sticker on the front of this otherwise extremely bland looking diary is from a website I ordered a very swish D&G jacket off some weeks ago called and is there for no other reason than to keep me from doodling with a pen on the front when waiting for a bus or tube to arrive. Let the organisation begin!

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